About Us

delivery boyVertex LLC is a US-based firm providing global sourcing and shipping solutions for machinery, construction materials, and equipment. We engage in supplies, distribution, and custom product manufacturing. In every aspect of our business, we conduct our services with the utmost proficiency and professionalism.

Our mission is to gain your TRUST as a supplier through transparency in the sourcing process, providing superior customer service, and delivering high-quality products. We are based in the Atlanta area in Georgia, with a network that strategically connects us internationally. We work with representatives in Africa, Asia, and Europe for global sourcing projects.


  • Access to both onshore and offshore manufacturers
  • Competitive pricing
  • Trust
  • Focus on quality control
  • Fast delivery

We do not only boast of our reliable and affordable services, we also guarantee shorter lead times, ensuring that your emergency or urgent needs will get to you or to your customers when they need them. We understand that whether in business or personal matters, time is really of the essence. We therefore provide our customers the guarantee of dependable and speedy services under one trusted name – Vertex LLC.

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